Warming CoverWARMING!, a speculative eco-thriller.  Available in print and for Kindle now on Amazon.

It’s 2028. The human race is focused but divided on how to deal with the threatening, ecological legacy of the twentieth century. Calls for a strong, centralized response mount, but skeptics of institutional power seek another way. With the outcome in doubt, a global congress is to be convened.

 Against this backdrop, a  prominent Brazilian healer and ecologist is murdered by toxic flower-essence; the female leader of the Palestinian peace movement is found shot, naked in bed with a Shin Bet operative, and a world-famous Peruvian community organizer falls 600 meters to his death. The deaths brush David Grossman, a rainforest ecologist in Costa Rica, Laura Feil, a  New Age dreamer, Almira Zaabut, a Palestinian peace activist, and Peter Flanigan, a U.S. Senator’s aide.  The four find themselves suspects in a high-stakes game and connected in unexpected ways.

Woven throughout the story are an Irish-Pakistani mystic who communes with whales, UNINTEL (the UN Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agency), a Mayan magus, and EROE (the Electronic Record of Everything), a massive data base of the times.  Themes of power, politics, self-discovery, spirit, and prescience  are explored in a likely near-future.  Failed and successful seductions, surveillance and raids, kidnappings and renditions to international waters unfold as part of a plot with opaque aims and an unexpected end.


closeupforntphotoWilliam Espinosa, author of the cli-fi thriller Warming!, is an international lawyer and NGO director.  He is a Harvard and Georgetown graduate.  His background includes environmental game design, international development, global broadcasting, diplomacy and intelligence.  He lives in Charlottesville.